CHAWAMA PF member of parliament Laurence Sichalwe says the PF government has delivered on its campaign promises.

In an interview Sichalwe, who is also Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister, asked Chawama residents to give him another term to continue with the party’s development agenda.

“We have delivered on the campaign promises that we made. It is upto the constituency of Chawama to evaluate what we committed that we would deliver. Now is the time for them to evaluate whether we have delivered on what we promised or not and certainly give us another term to complete what is still running. As you know, development is a process, so for us to complete that process, it is wise for the constituency of Chawama to give us another term. This is time for the electorates to evaluate us on what we promised, so I guess the onus is on the electorates to evaluate whether we have delivered on what we promised to them,” Sichalwe said.

And Sichalwe said he would not force his re-adpotion.

“I have a term, my term ends in 2021 and I have worked according to what we had promised the constituency of Chawama. When you are standing on a party ticket, it is the party that decides. For me I am like in a football match playing football and my coach is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with his technical team. So if the technical team overseeing Chawama say ba Sichalwe is not performing let us put him on the bench, they will withdraw me and put me on the bench. But that doesn’t mean that I have been removed from the party, I will be useful anywhere else where they feel that here he can do better. I will certainly pass on my button to somebody, the party will say to continue. That person will certainly come and ride on the works I have done and I have delivered. So as a loyal member of the party, I cannot force myself on standing but when my term ends, I will also lodge in my application to say I should be considered to continue and finish the developmental process that we started,” Sichalwe said.

Sichalwe said Chawama had been transformed with regards to infrastructure development under his reign as MP.

“Us as PF, when we went to engage the electorate, we heard what the electorates were crying for and we promised what we could do. We did not promise everything that they were crying but we promised what we could do. For Chawama, I specifically promised that I will bring them a secondary school in the area which is on the tables right now. The plans were done and they have been approved and looking at the finances we have sat down and brainstormed to say this can be a joint venture between CDF and the Ministry of General Education. So as a community, we are initiating the project, so we are initiating the project using CDF and then the Ministry of General Education will also come in to complete the project. The drainages also now if you go into Chawama you will find that there is a contractor on cite, we have been working on these drainages. Development mind you is not a one day event, it is a process,” said Sichalwe.

“Talk of security issues, we have done a lot of police posts, each ward has got a police. Talk of health, each ward has got a health facility, in Nkoloma ward Misisi people used to criss-cross in Kabwata Constituency at Kamwala Clinic. Today you go, you will find there is a Misisi mini hospital which is functioning. Go further into Nkoloma ward one, we have a health post near the Kuku Lewis ground, one ward with two health facilities. What more do they want? Go into Chawama, we have upgraded the hospital into a first level hospital. We have had challenges with upgrading that hospital because of the landscape. We sat down with JICA the major sponsors and they gave us to say if we move the old post office then we will be able to upgrade the hospital. We engaged the Ministry of Transport and Communication and the agreed that we can move the post office on condition that we build a new post office. Go further in John Howard there was no health post there. Roads it is not to talk about.”