A NDOLA woman has told the magistrates’ court how she slapped a 17-year-old girl after she vehemently denied being romantically involved with her husband despite picture and audio evidence of the affair.

The woman, however, has denied inserting a metal bar in the girl’s vagina.

This is in a matter in which Jacqueline Nanyinza, 27, and Catherine Mpamba, 28, of Chipulukusu are charged with indecent assault on a female and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Nanyinza and Mpamba, who are both hair dressers, are alleged to have jointly and willfully assaulted and indecently assaulted a 17-year-old female juvenile.

It is alleged that the duo enticed the victim to accompany them to Catherine’s house where she would be given some wigs to plait her hair.

While at Catherine’s home, the two women allegedly beat up, undressed and photographed the victim.

The two women are also alleged to have inserted a metal bar into the victim’s vagina and scorned her.

On February 18, Ndola Principal Resident Magistrate Obbister Musukwa found the duo with a case to answer and placed them on their defence.

Opening up her defence, Jacqueline Nanyinza said she slapped the girl after she had denied having a relationship with her husband.

“On January 29, I discovered voice notes and photos in my husband’s phone. Then the following day, I went to tell my friend (Catherine) and that is how we went to (girl’s house) see her at her parents’ house. There, I told her to follow me and when we reached at Catherine’s house, I started to ask her and showed her photos of my husband, but she refused knowing him. That made me upset that despite her photos being in my husband phone and the voice notes, she still refused, that is how I slapped her and later she accepted that she was going out with my husband,” Nanyinza told the court.

“I knew this girl because we go at the same Church. I just slapped her, I never inserted a metal bar in her private parts. I was just surprised to see the metal bar in court. Yes, I assaulted her by beating her. I was happy because she is my neighbor and that she should not repeat the act. I never took any photos or videos of her.”

Catherine is also expected to give her defence soon.

During trial, the 17-year-old girl told court that no one inserted a metal bar in her private parts.

“It was around 09:00 hour to 10:00 hours on January 30, 2021 when the two came to our house and picked me to go to the second accused’s house. They started to show me pictures of the husband and asked me if I know him. Out of fear, I refused and they started slapping me and beating me in the face. Then I admitted that I was going out with him because he told me that he is not married but just stays with a friend. Then I asked for forgiveness,” explained the juvenile.

“I was not undressed by the two (accused). I never said that to the police that they put a metal bar in my private parts. They never used a metal bar, it was just slaps and kicks. I also don’t know how I gave the metal bar to the police.”

Meanwhile, the duo have managed to meet the bail conditions.

The duo are on a K70,000 bail each in their own recognisance with two working sureties each.