CHISHIMBA Kambwili says there is only one NDC president, and that’s him.

And Kambwili has charged that the other NDC group is just a bunch of indisciplined officials on suspension.

Last week, the Josephs Akafumba led NDC sued Kambwili in the Lusaka High Court, seeking an injunction to restrain him from masquerading as NDC president or purporting to transact any business in the party’s name.

Bridget Atanga, suing in her capacity as NDC secretary general, is seeking among other claims, a declaration that the gathering held by Kambwili and his cohorts on February 27, 2021 in Luanshya which purported to suspend some party members including herself, is null and void ab initio and therefore of no effect for having been convened and held in the absence of any party constitutional provision.

But speaking to journalists after appearing in Lusaka Magistrates’ Court, Tuesday, Kambwili said he hasn’t yet been served with the said court documents.

He further said they didn’t want cho-chise (a non ending exchange of words) with an ‘illegal’ group.

Kambwili added that they wanted the other group to exhaust all their tactics before they could respond and show the country that they were the legitimate owners of NDC.

“As far as we are concerned, we don’t want ‘cho-chise’ with an illegal group. All we are waiting for is for them to exhaust what they think they can do. For instance, they have gone to court but up to now they have not served us the documents. The question that begs an answer, why are they not serving us the documents if they are on firm ground? We want them to exhaust all their tactics then we will respond and show the country that we are the legitimate owners of the party. Let them rush to as many radio stations as possible. And you can also ask, since NDC was formed, have you ever seen Mr Akafumba or Mumbi or Franklin on TV? I have been the only one who has been appearing on radio stations. Where has that energy just come from? So we will leave them to exhaust all their tricks then we will react one day with a bang,” Kambwili said.

“And if they are not careful, they will find themselves in cells for impersonating. Because we cannot allow anarchy, where five people can hold the party at ransom. They should not think that we are stupid, it’s just that we are reasonable people. Tell them to bring the court document so that we quickly go to court, so that the court can rule.”

Asked whether he was insisting that he was still the NDC president, Kambwili said there was only one NDC president, and that was him.

“Can you doubt that? There is only one NDC president, Chishimba Kambwili. All those people, no bwema taba kwata mu NDC. Those people na smell ya NDC taba ikwata. The only person ungakwata kofye no bwema panono ni Akafumba,” he said.

Further asked whether the other group was now a faction, Kambwili said, “No those are just indisciplined officials on suspension.”