JUSTICE Minister Given Lubinda says being in the opposition feels like being an orphan because there is a lot of suffering and it’s too early for the Patriotic Front to give up the responsibility of running government.

And Lubinda says running government is a task that does not require experiments.

Speaking when he met aspiring candidates and party officials in Kasama, Saturday, Lubinda said his party does not want to go back in the opposition.

“Echo tulefwaya chakuti mu 2050, abana ngabaisa iminina ukuti who did this, bakalande ukutila in PF na Edgar Chagwa Lungu (What we want is that in 2050, when our children ask ‘who did this?’ people should say ‘it is Edgar Chagwa Lungu and PF.) That is what we are working for. We are not working for ourselves. Nga chakutila (if) we are working for ourselves, nga twalilandile (we would have said) what is the use? We have been there for five years, natupanga utu mashina, (we have made our names) let’s go. But no, it is too early to give up the responsibility of governing Zambia,” he said.

“Mwebanandi ukuba mu opposition is a big problem. Ukuba mu opposition buwelele. Ukuba mu opposition nifilya fine nga umwana wa nshiwa. Ndemyeba ifi because for 10 years nali mu opposition and I know how it feels. Nga pali imwe there are some who joined PF elyo twawinine mu 2011 you are lucky. Fweba pitile mu opposition mumpanga, mukuchula, we don’t want to go back. Tatulefwaya ukubwelela iyo (Being in the opposition is a problem. It is a sickness, it is like you are an orphan. I am telling you this because for 10 years we were in the opposition and I know how it feels. If there are people that joined the party in 2011, you are lucky, those of us who were in opposition, moving in the bush, suffering, we don’t want to go back there).”

And Lubinda said leadership was not an experiment.

“Leadership is not an experiment in the laboratory. Don’t experiment with leadership. Kunuma uku (in the past), we saw what UNIP did for 27 years, yes bali tukulila ama sikulu (they built schools), they built a few hospitals, we saw what they did. We also saw what MMD did for 20 years. In 2011, Lesa (God) said let this man, who is being called a mad man, naleumfwa (I would hear), I was travelling the whole country na ba Sata, naleumfwa efyo baleimba inyimbo ukutila he is a mad man. Balelanda ukutila Michael Sata nga aisa akesa putula amabele yabantu I heard all that but Lesa umwine said uyu wine, I want him to show the world what he is made of (I used to hear people sing that Sata was a madman, they said if he ruled the country, he would cut women’s breasts off. But God said he is the one I have chosen),” Lubinda said.

“Abafyashi ba Sata laid the foundation. God himself came and selected umuntu ushaishibikwe (an unknown person). Nobody knew Edgar Chagwa Lungu, umwine lesa atile uyu wine ewo nala sonta (God said this is the one I have chosen) from 2015 to 2020. Zambia has changed. Ukuli konse mwanyanta (everywhere you go), you will find a foot step yakwa PF. Mwalaimona imilimo abombele Lungu nechipani cha PF (you will see the work that President Lungu and PF have done). Now are you sure that mulefwaya ukutila abantu bese bachite confuse abantu mu Northern Province ukutila iyo mufunyenipo Lungu tubikepo umbi tuchite experiment? Mwali mona abantu baleteya bola top scorer bamufunyemo so that tubikemo umbi? Edgar Chagwa Lungu nalanga ukutila first of all he is a peace loving person. (would you want people to come here and confuse you that remove him, we put another candidate, we should experiment? In football, have you ever seen a top scorer being substituted? President Lungu has shown that). Lungu is focused on developing Zambia. Fwebaba mu (those of us) in the Central committee and Cabinet naba (with) President Lungu we don’t look at elections for us we are looking at the development of Zambia not for ourselves, but for our children and their children after them.”

He explained some of the candidate adoption rules for 2021.

“A person qualifies for adoption as a candidate of the PF party ticket if that person has attained the relevant academic qualifications provided under any written law. Don’t come and apply if they tell you you need a grade 12, don’t even bother to apply because you will not be adopted. Is in good standing with the party and active in the respective wards for those standing as councillors or constituency for those standing as MP and districts for those standing as council chairpersons. So you have to be a party member in good standing. For those who want to stand as MP or council chairperson you must be a registered voter. If you want to stand as a councillor, you must be a registered voter in the ward. A candidate is disqualified to stand on the PF ticket if that person has from the period of announcement for intention of application for adoption engaged in the following activities; you engage in personal or individual gain empowerment or developmental projects or programs. Any unauthorised public campaigns by aspiring members,” said Lubinda, who also urged aspiring members of parliament to respect the incumbents,” said Lubinda.