SESHEKE UPND member of parliament Romeo Kang’ombe says he will not re-contest his seat at the August 12 general election because he wants to focus on ushering UPND president Hakainde Hichilema into office to effect real political change.

Kang’ombe recently posted on social media that: “If I decide not to contest, it’s not about a G12 certificate, it’s a personal decision and well-thought decision. We are not in politics for the money, at least some of us are above that”, with a picture of a confirmation letter from the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) to prove he had an equivalent of a grade 12 certificate in an effort to quell any speculation.

Explaining his decision to quit Parliament barely three years into his maiden parliamentary career, Kang’ombe said he had decided not to re-contest his seat because his primary focus was to campaign full-throttle to help elect Hichilema as Zambia’s seventh Republican President, a situation he insists is the only way to effect lasting change in the country.

“I am not actually, I am not contesting, yes, I am not. I had an interaction with Cornelius Mweetwa (Choma Central UPND MP) even before he issued that statement. I was actually giving him my position, so maybe he bought into that. We can’t all be members of parliament, there is more to leadership than just being members of parliament. So, I for one, the little time that I have been in Parliament, I have come to the realisation that it doesn’t really inspire any way other than the title ‘member of parliament.’ There are people that I perceived as role models in that August House who, unfortunately, their calibre and integrity on how they conduct business on the floor of the House in relation to being a member of parliament, is contrary and they do not inspire me. Few out of many that are in there are not there to serve the people of Zambia, but themselves,” Kang’ombe said.

“The ultimate change should ensure that the main objective is achieved to ensure the change of leadership starting from the head. So, certain individuals that fail to reason and do what is for the country are failing to do so not that they do not want, but because they are scared of the powers that be. There is no independent mind there, it is a controlled mind. I can give you an example of this Cyber Bill: no normal person could comprehend and understand it. How on earth do you support a law that violates the Constitution of the land? Article 17 of the Zambian Constitution gives right to privacy. But you support such a law not because you want to, but because there is an external force that is playing around with your independent mind.”

Kang’ombe said he would dedicate his time to campaign for Hichilema and ensure that change was effected at the crucial August 12 polls.

“So, for us to achieve more with less is to ensure that we don’t limit ourselves to constituencies, but go and campaign on a broader spectrum so that the ultimate choice that we wish to have can be achieved by ushering a credible President. So, I don’t want to limit myself, so this is my position for now, I am looking for a replacement because I was the only one in my constituency, I would say ‘unopposed.’ We will find a replacement. You see, I am of the view that the reason people were not coming on board [to challenge for Sesheke] was because I was there. So, when I give a declaration, other people will come now and we will find someone. Believe you me; they (PF) will never win that seat unless I am dead. I will make sure even when I go and campaign elsewhere, I will still touch Sesheke because my job is to ensure I touch all the corners of the country as the deputy chairman for mobilisation and strategy,” said Kang’ombe.

“People are saying, ‘no, you have just been there for a short period of time, why are you doing this?’ But people do not understand that the picture is not about being a member of parliament because there is limited change, but that the ultimate change can only be achieved through (the Republican) Presidency. Any government during an election year shows their ability to make things right, but these (PF) are failing. This is an election year, yet they are busy failing, literally no idea. So, we need a better replacement and that can only be HH.”