CHIMWEMWE independent member of parliament Mwila Mutale says it’s unfair to compare him to other parliamentarians who have enough money to buy helicopters.

Speaking to News Diggers! Tuesday, Mutale said he did not have money to start buying helicopters in order for people to believe that he had delivered development.

“Now people want me to buy a chopper, you will not see it. I don’t have that capacity because I am not a Minister. Those that have bought have the capacity. If people will compare me, then it will be unfair. You can’t compare me,” he said.

Mutale challenged those who were claiming that he had failed to deliver development in his constituency to point out exactly where he had not delivered.

He said 75 percent of the promises he made during the 2016 campaigns had been delivered.

Mutale further said it was morally wrong for some people to judge his performance in his constituency in the last five years on the basis of his failure to donate K5,000 in Churches.

He urged his constituents and critics to avoid comparing him to other members of parliament, saying his capacity as of now was limited.

“My failure is relative. If you say I have failed, in which area have I failed? What I promised the people is about schools. My program one, was to upgrade the schools so that our pupils don’t [have to] move long distances. Most of the projects I did for schools, with pupils sitting down, now have desks. I lobbied and government upgraded the schools to secondary after I used my personal money. So what failure is there? I don’t understand what I have failed then,” Mutale said.

He further said it was government that needed to fund cooperatives that were formed as it was a government programme.

“The issue of empowerment programmes by the government is a hot issue at the moment. All members of parliament were told to go back to tell people to form cooperatives. I did not question the directive and I did just that to help people form cooperatives. People did the project proposals. So now when someone says I told people to form cooperatives and I did not fund them, it is the government programme. I did not say that I will empower or pay them with my personal money. What money did I steal? I did my work. It is government that should fund the cooperatives,” said Mutale.