CHISHIMBA Kambwili says his acquittal in a matter where he was charged with contempt of court has nothing to do with him joining the ruling party after resigning as NDC president.

And Kambwili has insisted that it is not possible to have elections without public rallies.

He was speaking after the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court acquitted him on one count of contempt of court on Monday.

When asked whether his acquittal was related to his defection to the PF, Kambwili responded in the negative, and added that the judgement was professional and took into account all the evidence that was presented before court.

“You have heard the judgement for yourself you were in court, compare if it has anything to do with me going to the PF. You heard the professional judgement, taking into account all the evidence and referring to the law. You heard the judgement, so I would say you are being malicious,” he said.

Kambwili, however appealed to Chilufya Tayali, who was complainant in the matter, to reflect on his conduct and to be fair in the manner in which he treats others.

“I can only take my appeal to my younger brother Tayali to reflect on his conduct in this country. What I have gone through the last three years defending this case is not anything to talk about. It’s painful but I don’t take it against him, I can only ask him to reflect, not to be unfair to his fellow citizens. I want to thank my family, my children who have suffered anguish, pain, during the time that I was being prosecuted. But like it is said in the bible, only the truth will come out and will set us free. So, my young brother Tayali, no hard feelings for you but please learn to be fair to other people and not to inflict pain like you have inflicted on me. So, I thank God almighty for the magistrate who has been so magnanimous to acquit me,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said it was impossible to hold an election without having public rallies.

“You can’t have an election without public rallies, for me that’s not an election, to me that is not a campaign. I have given examples for instance in America, you all saw, COVID-19 was there in America where people were dying on the streets. Thousands, if not millions of people were dying everyday but did they stop the rallies? No. They continued the rallies because the rally is the only way you can communicate to the voters. I want to be very consistent on this matter. There is no way you can conduct elections without public rallies, kwangala uko (those are games),” said Kambwili.