POLICE spokesperson Esther Katongo says the continued clashes between PF and UPND cadres in Kanyama is because the political parties have not yet availed the police their campaign schedules.

On Tuesday, PF and UPND cadres clashed after a house which was used by UPND supporters for party mobilization meetings in Lusaka’s John Laing Compound was ransacked by some suspected PF cadres.

It was also alleged that the cadres had also broken into over six other private homes, with several household goods damaged and stolen.

In an interview, Wednesday, Katongo said the continued violence was a result of political parties not availing their campaign schedules to the police.

“Today (Wednesday) I didn’t receive any reports of violence in Kanyama and I was talking to the officer in charge, he didn’t say anything about having confusion today, unless it didn’t reach the office. You know what is causing this problem, is the same cadres of political parties that have continued with their door-to-door campaigns without informing the police. Because whether it is door to door campaigns or whatever it is, as long as it is something that is a campaign activity, it has to be conducted through the police. At least the police should be informed, because at the end of the day, you will find those that are conducting the door-to-door campaigns, the so-called foot soldiers, when they go on the ground, they will be clashing on the ground,” said Katongo.

“This is clearly what is happening in Kanyama, if we were informed as police, we would have sat them down and then we would see who is supposed to go in which particular area and at what particular point so that we avoid the clashes. But the way it is, it is like everyone wants to do what they want to do, that is where the confusion is coming from. So, we are still appealing to them to bring all their activities especially, those leaders in those particular areas, to bring the campaign schedules to the police, whether it is door to door campaigns, let us know where they will be conducting what kind of activity, so that we avoid clashes on the ground. Instead of waiting for campaign schedules, they have already started going on the ground. So, this can be stopped by even the candidates or campaign managers in those particular areas.”