SOME PF officials were on Wednesday chased from Mpulungu by suspected UPND supporters when they attempted to conduct some last minute campaigns.

In a viral video, the residents, some clad in UPND regalia, were seen preventing the PF officials from alighting a helicopter.

They were heard asking the people in the helicopter to leave the area as the PF officials had not been going to the constituency for a long time, wondering what they wanted there now.

Others were heard saying they wanted change.

Northern Province Police Commissioner Jestus Nsokolo confirmed that a helicopter had indeed landed and taken off within a short period of time, but he could not state who its occupants were.

“I don’t know who was chased because the helicopter flew away. Yes, there was a helicopter which landed in Mpulungu and because it flew away, I have no information. Before we talked to the people, it flew away. I am yet to find out where it landed after that. Today people are not wearing regalia so I don’t know which crowds went to chase it,” said Nsokolo.

When asked if he knew what happened, Lupososhi UPND aspiring member of parliament Patrick Mucheleka said it was the PF national mobilization vice-chairperson Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) who was in the said helicopter.

“I understand it is GBM and we hear it is a Zambia Airforce Helicopter. That is the helicopter he has been using to fly around. We hear that he wanted to continue with his tribal remarks and insulting people. And people said they will not allow anyone to go and divide people on ethnic lines because they are ready to effect change,” said Mucheleka.

But GBM said he was in Kasama and wasn’t in the said helicopter.

“It’s not me. I am in Kasama. I am watching the virtual rally. If it was me, they would not attempt to do that. I don’t know who it was. I am in Kasama making my last-minute plans and strategies for tomorrow morning,” said GBM.

Meanwhile, Zambia Air Force Director of Public Relations and Foreign Liason Col Peter Zimba the helicopter did not belong to ZAF, adding that the one in the video was a South African registered helicopter.