MONZE Central UPND aspiring member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu says as President Edgar Lungu bids farewell to citizens, he should ask for forgiveness for the injuries he has inflicted on them.

Commenting on President Lungu’s remarks that PF deserved to remain in office because it had done more than what Zambians expected it to do, Mwiimbu said the Head of State squandered the opportunity he was given to rule.

“As far as I am concerned, President Lungu when he addresses the nation tomorrow, he should thank the people of Zambia for having given him the opportunity to rule the country, which opportunity he squandered. When he addresses the nation, he should ask for forgiveness for the injury he has inflicted on them. Let him go well and stay in peace. Zambians will remember him as one of the Presidents in this country that divided the nation, instead of uniting them. As a President, the responsibility is to ensure that the nation is united and not divided. Let him go well, wherever he is going to settle. The people of Zambia are fed up. The PF government from the time President Edgar Lungu was elected, has destroyed the economy and the moral fiber of this country,” said Mwiimbu.

“I have no doubt in my mind that the people of Zambia know that under the PF, corruption reached unprecedented levels. As a result of high corruption in the government system, delivery to the members of the public for services has almost been non-existent. The education sector, the health sector have been destroyed. The people of Zambia under PF have witnessed the worst in terms of tribalism, racial segregation and other vices that are inimical to the interest of every Zambia. Every Zambian is struggling to make ends meet as a result of failure to provide the requisite necessity of life. The people of Zambia have resolved to punish the PF and ensure that a new government is ushered into office after 12 August 2021.”

Speaking during the commissioning of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport terminal two, Monday, President Lungu said PF deserved to remain in office because it had done more than what Zambians expected it to do.

“Today, the Patriotic Front government presents to you the new terminal two of the Kenneth Kaunda International airport. This infrastructure is a masterpiece of international standards. It being the first sight international travellers see as they descend on Zambian soil. This airport will be the flagship of the transformation that my government has presented to the Zambian people. It represents our legacy as a leadership that has transformed Zambia through infrastructure development. This is why we deserve to remain in office because we have done more than what the people of Zambia expected us to do. You, the Zambian people, must be proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time. You must be proud of being Zambian, with such infrastructure at your service. You are part of this great story,” said President Lungu.