PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has expressed concern over the continued absence of their monitors in Southern, Northern and North-Western provinces after they were allegedly chased by the UPND.

But Mwila has expressed confidence that the PF is going to win the elections.

Speaking to journalists at the results national totalling centre, Saturday, Mwila wondered how the party was expected to get results from the areas when their officials did not even have access to the GEN20 form.

“How do we know about the results which were cast in those three provinces because we don’t have access to GEN 20 because GEN 20 is supposed to be signed by our polling agents, those three provinces were not there? So our concern is the legitimacy of the results in these three provinces. In our strongholds, we never chased their polling agents, they were there and they were free to do whatever they wanted to do. So those are the issues that we have raised,” he said.

Mwila added that for constituencies like Moomba, in Southern Province, the polling agents were not there so the results were not verified by the PF.

He further charged that the UPND were crooked as they tend to chase their rivals and remain alone in the said areas.

“What they do, they are very crooked, they chase whoever is there so that they remain alone. So whatever they do with the voting, that’s why if you look at the voting in 2016 it was almost 100 percent, it’s not possible that they can have 100 percent votes,” Mwila said.

But Mwila has expressed confidence that the PF was going to win the elections.

“We are going to win, we are winning the elections but what we are saying is that this must be stopped. This thuggery where you want to kill people just because you want to go to State House, that must be stopped. We are going to win and anyone that was involved in this, the law must take its course after elections,” said Mwila.