RE–ELECTED Kalulushi PF member of parliament Kampamba Mulenga has mocked losing candidate Rashida Mulenga after scooping the seat.

Mulenga managed to out-poll Mulenga albeit with a slim margin when she collected 18,677 against Rashida’s 17,713.

Mulenga and Rashida were once close friends before a fall out ahead of the 2021 nominations for the Kalulushi Parliamentary seat.

When Mulenga was adopted on the PF ticket, Rashida quit the party and decided to go Independent.

Mulenga said in an interview yesterday after she was declared winner that God had taught Rashida a lesson for being greedy.

“God has taught them a lesson for their greediness, she has just been in politics for five years as mayor and she wanted to be Member of Parliament,” Mulenga said.

Asked about the slim margin, Mulenga said the only reason there was a slim margin was because her rival is a former PF member.

“She came from the party and that is why there was a slim margin because votes were split, no matter the margin, she was always going to lose even if it was going to be by one vote,” she said.

Mulenga bragged that she was a veteran and there was no way she was going to lose to abaiche (young people).

“For me, I was winning anyway, even as many as the people would come. I knew that I had performed…aba abaiche, we told them they are veterans. We have been in this game for a long time,” Mulenga said.

Rashida was not available for a comment as her phone went unanswered but word from her camp was that she was preparing to petition for the seat.

The MP seat was contested by six candidates, the others being UPND’s Kaleta Chikaba who managed 10, 305 votes, independent Patrick Mulenga collected 733 while DP’s Faith Munthali managed 289 votes.

The other candidate, Christine Mulenga from the Socilist Party managed 267 votes.

While the PF managed to get the parliamentary seat, the UPND managed to get some respite in picking the mayoral seat after Daudi Simama won the poll with 17,408 votes.

Simama was trailed by Modester Kabwe of the PF who got 16, 218 votes while independent candidate Paul Chivunda managed 10, 674.

Another independent Martin Chikwanda collected 2,501 votes ahead of Maybin Bwembya from the DP who collected 1,287 votes.

UPPZ’s Wilson Moono polled 340 votes.