FORMER Luangeni PF member of parliament Charles Zulu says the outgoing ruling party lost the just ended general elections because it grew “big-headed”.

And Zulu says he has decided to resign from the PF and as a member of the Central Committee because the top leadership did more talking than listening.

In an interview, Zulu said he believed Hakainde Hichilema would turn the country around.

“I tried myself as the member of the central committee, I spoke and advised but people did not want to listen. And now, you are able to see the results. So it is important that people should learn to listen more than talking. They say one minute of listening is worth one hour of talking. So for me, it is a lesson to those who talk more than they listen. We must learn to listen more than talking. I tried to advise and I did my part as a member of the central committee in the short time I was there. I am no longer there, I have resigned and I am not even interested anymore in PF. I have resigned because there is a lack of listening, we got big-headed,” Zulu said.

“When one tired to advise they would not listen but they would just brush it aside. For some of the things that we advised are the things that we are experiencing now, the loss, we are losing. It is very sad that we are losing and that is when they realize that this is what this guy said. It is too late. I also wish Hakainde Hichilema all the best. I know he can turn around this country within two or three years. I know he is a focused man and I know [his] background, I understand him very well. I have always been very confident in him that Hakainde Hichilema can turn around this country. He will manage it. All of us Zambians let us rally behind the winner.”

Zulu said he was humbled to have worked with President Edgar Lungu, but added that he was no longer interested in PF anymore.

“I have resigned with immediate effect as member of the Central Committee and as a member of the Patriotic Front. Mind you, I was an independent member of parliament first then the PF convinced me to join the party and I stood on the PF ticket in good faith. The president [Michael Sata] appointed me as Deputy Minister of Energy that was when we still had Deputy Ministers. I was also then recently appointed member of the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front. I thank him [Edgar Lungu]. I thank him very much for whatever he did because he saw leadership in me. So for me, I am greatly humbled that President Lungu appointed me as a member of the central committee which is the highest organ of the party. So for that one, I thank him and I wish him well and good wealth. But for now, I have resigned,” said Zulu.