PF secretary general Davies Mwila says there is no need to remove outgoing President Edgar Lungu’s immunity because he has not committed any crime.

Recently, civil rights activist Fumba Chama alias Pilato said he would call for the removal of President Lungu’s immunity once Parliament convened so that he could explain how he amassed so much wealth within a short period of time.

But commenting on this in an interview, Mwila said removal of President Lungu’s immunity would be a waste of tax payer’s money because such undertakings had not yielded anything in the past.

“There is no need, they will be just wasting people’s money, tax payers’ money. [Fredrick] Chiluba was taken to court, what happened? Rupiah Banda was taken to court? So, what are they talking about? Let them just build this country. They want to shift their attention. They have to secure the promises that they made. So they want to shift their attention to Edgar Lungu? No! We will not accept that! Let them fulfil all the promises that they made. The Zambian people are waiting,” Mwila said.

He said the only thing President Lungu did was put up good infrastructure.

“Which crime did President Edgar Lungu commit? There is no crime! The only thing that President Edgar Lungu did is to put up good infrastructure, which all the UPND are benefiting. What are they going to do which Lungu didn’t do? Lungu has done almost everything, let them retrieve the economy, that is what we need. Let them create jobs that is what we need,” he said.

And Mwila said most of the PF members were living in fear of being beaten.

“First and foremost, when they were in opposition, they did condemn the PF, that we are thugs, we have cadres who harass the people, and before they are even sworn in, you are able to see what they can do. They are killing people, they are assaulting people, they are destroying property. What type of people are they? What about when they are sworn in on Tuesday, what will happen? Everyone is fearing for his life! So those are things that they said they will fight, now they have doubled times 10, because we never killed people ourselves,” Mwila said.

“Let them fulfil the promises that they made to the Zambian people, the first story that he made was that immediately he will be sworn in, the Dollar to the Kwacha will be K10, we are waiting on Tuesday. The other promise that he made was that immediately he was elected, he will sell the Presidential jet, we are waiting. There are certain promises which are long term. He said education will be free from grade one to university, we are waiting. He said the mealie meal price will come down to K50, we are waiting.”

Mwila said the PF had accepted the election defeat and was “moving forward”.

“Why beat people? Were they elected to come and beat people? No, we are in a democracy! Us, we have accepted, we are not going to petition the Presidential election, we are moving forward, we are democrats, we want to leave a legacy. President Edgar Lungu is leaving a legacy. So, we are moving forward. So let them change. The youths are waiting for jobs,” said Mwila.