PF deputy national chairperson Davies Chama says no one can stop the UPND government if they want to use the fight against corruption as a scapegoat to avoid delivering on their campaign promises.

And Chama says there are no internal wrangles in PF, arguing that people are just imagining something which is not there.

In an interview, Chama said law enforcement agencies were free to carry out investigations as PF officials did not move with their offices or documents.

“I do not have the instruments of power. Those who have the instruments of power, if that is top on their agenda in terms of delivery on what they have promised the Zambian people, then that is what they want to focus on. I can only say that when I served as Minister and vacated the position as Minister, I did not move with my office, the building and documents, so the office is still at the Ministry of Defence. The building is still at the Ministry of Defence and the officers are still at the Ministry of Defence,” Chama said.

“So those who want to focus on investigations as opposed to delivering to what they promised the Zambian people, if that is their priority or their scapegoat not to deliver what they promised, that is up to them. No one can stop them if that is their focus and that is their number one priority. If that is what will bring the food on the table or reduce the price of commodities, if that will also provide free education that they promised, if that will also bring down the price of fertilizer and if they think that is a priority for them to deliver what they promised the Zambian people, the buildings and offices are there, let them investigate. We did not move with the offices and documents.”

And Chama said the PF made sure that it delivered on what it promised to the Zambian people.

“I cannot speak for them so you can call and question them. For us when we went into power to make sure that we transform and we transformed, we made sure that we delivered what we promised to the Zambian people. For them, if their priority is to witch-hunt and start fishing in the ducks looking for shadows let them continue,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chama said there were no internal wrangles in PF.

“There is no internal friction. I think if you have followed the statements that have been issued after whatever happened, there is no truth to the internal friction. People are just imagining something that is not there. I think it is not a secret, the SG, the president and Ng’onga Mukupa made statements to that effect that they will be exiting their positions. So there is no internal friction that is taking place. I think people are imagining things that are not there. There are no internal frictions. Zambia is full of speculations and I do not operate on speculation myself. I am not part of people who speculate and people who do that, do not have anything to do,” said Chama.

“They want to speculate and come up with their own things that they can imagine in their brains. There is too much speculation on social media and everywhere but I can confirm that there is no internal friction. People can make their own decisions and they made their positions very clear some time back. A number of statements have been issued. The former secretary general Mr Davies Mwila has indicated that they will be vacating these positions and it is in public domain. So why should people continue to speculate? I do not know why some of the people do not want to believe when you say something and they still want to speculate anyway. So those who want to speculate let them speculate.”