PF vice president Given Lubinda says he is not interested in being PF president at the moment because the party is not organised.

In an interview, Lubinda said it was unfortunate that some members who wanted to contest the PF presidency were failing to reorganize the party structures.

“All of us [members] of the central committee of the Patriotic Front have agreed that we ought to have a rebranding process. We have to reorganize ourselves quickly so that we go to the convention to elect a new president. This is what all of us are waiting for. I would like to appeal to people who are aspiring for the presidency, there are some people who want to be presidents but they are not going round and round to reorganize the party,” he said.

“Let us organize the party first. Once you get the structures, then we will be ready to go to the convention, we cannot go to the convention if we don’t have our people. So those who are aspiring to be presidents please assist us to go on the ground and reorganize the party. We want to have the elections as quickly as possible so that we give the new president time to campaign between now and 2026.”

When asked whether he was interested in the position of party president, Lubinda said he was not interested in being a president for a party that was disorganized.

“I am not interested until the party is reorganized. I am not interested. I can’t be interested in being a president for a party that is disorganized, because it is of no use for me. For me, it is not a question of power and position, for me it is a question of the strength of the party. I want to work for the strength of the party,” said Lubinda.

Last week during late Micheal Sata’s memorial service, some PF cadres arrived at the solemn event bearing “Kambwili 2026” banners while shouting ‘Imbwili’.