DEPUTY Inspector General of police in-charge of administration Dorris Nayame has called for more interaction among law enforcers in order to effectively fight crime.

And Drug Enforcement Commission director general Dr Musonda Simwayi says crime can never be fought in isolation.

Speaking during some joint sporting activities for DEC and Zambia Police in Lusaka, Thursday, Nayame said in order to fight crime, all law enforces should interact and share information.

“This is a wonderful interaction and apart from interacting from our offices, I think this is wonderful because we are able to freely interact. I know some of you cannot come to my office or go to his office to interact with him, but here, this is the platform where we can easily interact to share information. I am sure you know that crime nowadays has no boundaries. Even criminals call crime a global crime so, even us, we must fight this together and we should always share information. Apart from benefiting from this exercise, we should interact more,” said Nayame.

And Dr Simwayi said crime can never be fought in isolation.

“Let me take this opportunity to congratulate my colleague for being appointed as DIG for police. As DEC, we take the issues of collaborating extremely seriously because we recognize that crime can not be fought in isolation. If people who found themselves on the other side of the law can collaborate over a bottle of beer and crime, then why should we stop collaborating? It pains me to see officers who can not interact at that level as law enforcers,” said Simwayi.