FORMER Lusaka Province minister says there is a lot of suffering going on in Zambia right now and so when people hear him speaking, they get excited to listen.

Meanwhile, Lusambo has refuted reports that a DNA test confirmed he is the father to Mercy Cowham’s children saying no samples have been collected yet.

On Friday, concerned citizen Andrew Bucha reported Lusambo to the police for defamation of the president in connection with some remarks he made on Diamond TV.

Commenting on this in an interview, Lusambo said some people were just trying to make a name by reporting him to the police whenever he mentioned the President’s name.

“We know there is a lot of suffering going on in our country now and people have nothing to put on the table so when they see Lusambo speaking, they get excited to listen to what Lusambo will say. As long as Lusambo has mentioned the name of the President, to them, they would want to make a name by going to the police and try to come up with a case. It can’t happen! You see, when you are in a democratic country, all names as long as they are in leadership, we can do talk about them. Even the police, they should not entertain those that just feel like talking about Lusambo, they will lose faith in the eyes of the people of Zambia,” Lusambo said.

“I was very shocked when I heard about that person [Bucha]. I am pleading with the President, let him give jobs to people like him so that they can be doing other things than wasting time for the Zambia Police. With the time they spent on that issue, Zambia Police would have done something progressive by attending to other serious matters which is happening in our country, there is a lot of crime which is going on in Lusaka and police would have attended to such.”

Lusambo said he is not easily shaken.

“For me, I am not easily shaken with issues like that. The problem which others are forgetting is that I am not coming from politics of boardrooms, I am coming from grassroots politics and I have been doing politics for some time. Where I am today, it is not by accident, it is by the grace of God and so there is no one who can fight God’s destiny. Other people will talk, but the most important thing is that let us help the government to deliver to the expectation of Zambians. And that is what exactly I am doing. When I talk about IMF, the beneficiary of the economy of this country is the people of Zambia where I am also a citizen. Those people should know when to defend the President,” said Lusambo.

“I have worked with past Presidents and I can assure you that I have learnt a lot from these Presidents. I have also worked with President Hakainde Hichilema as member of parliament for Kabushi constituency, I am part of government and so I am learning from him and when there is need to advise him, we should not be getting scared, we should advise him accordingly.”

Meanwhile, Lusambo refuted reports that a DNA report had confirmed he was the father to Cowham’s children.

“For the record, no DNA samples have been ordered by any court or even submitted in the matter. The high court is yet to allocate dates for the hearings. Since the matter is yet before court, we are restrained to comment further,” posted Lusambo.