A LEAKED telephone conversation between two senior government officials which yesterday went viral on social media has left State House in disarray, with Presidential spokesperson Anthony Bwalya cautiously attempting to address the scandal without aggravating the situation.

And Police have summoned KBN Television Station manager for questioning in relation to the said leaked audio which was televised on the channel.

According to a call out signed by Chief Inspector Hamweene and seen by News Diggers, police want the KBN TV station manager to appear for questioning today at 09:00 hours.

The State is desperately hunting for the person responsible of the leaked phone recording which has left at least State House, Ministry of Home Affairs, The Registrar of Societies and the Electoral Commission of Zambia in jeopardy.

In the said audio, Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security permanent secretary for administration Josephs Akafumba and Special Assistant to the President for Politics Levy Ngoma are heard plotting how to handle some leadership wrangles in the opposition Democratic Party.

The audio leaked barely 24 hours after Ngoma denied any involvement in DP’s woes.

Below is a transcript of their conversation:

Ngoma: Good afternoon.

Akafumba: Good afternoon.

Ngoma: PS Home Affairs?

Akafumba: Yes sir.

Ngoma: Levy here

Akafumba: Who?

Ngoma: Levy.

Akafumba: Who is Levy?

Ngoma: Levy Ngoma.

Akafumba: oh my elder brother?

Ngoma: Yes. How are you sir? Your issues from Registrar of Societies?

Akafumba: He came to brief me.

Ngoma: So the Kalaba issue, I was sent by the boss so I cannot tell the CEO that I have been sent. I started this issue few days ago.

Akafumba: I think he has responded. What happened is I think she showed you the earlier letter isn’t it?

Ngoma: Yes.

Akafumba: And then this chap, without getting back to the author of the initial letter, Nshidano did react. So he has corrected to say no the reason why it was done like this, it was because it was a court matter which was pending and has not been resolved up to now. So where do you change these goal posts? But he told me that he will give us a copy. So I told him saying if you give me, I will give my brother.

Ngoma: You should give me a blind copy because you know PS, you have passed through these things. The institutions are heavily invested. Your registrar looks reasonable but Nshidano, no. What has been written in the letter?

Akafumba: They were just referring to our earlier letter. Our earlier letter stands, this thing cannot go on because these guys are in a dispute and the matter is in court. So any other way, we would be undermining the court process. What the man is basically doing is to give the party to the other party.

Ngoma: Can you imagine? That is what this chap Nshidano is doing. So has the letter been delivered?

Akafumba: Yes it has. I told him to take it quickly. I will get the blind copy and send it.

Ngoma: Please give me a blind copy because I need to respond to the boss. After swearing in ceremony, I was called together with the Vice-President concerning the same issue. So we want to see the stubborn person that does not want the truth to prevail.

Akafumba: It is Nshidano.

Ngoma: Yes. So we want to find out why he is being so difficult so that we find out in view of that letter and what he is saying now. Nshindano has surprised me. You know, how are these people?

Akafumba: I have it even in front of me.

Ngoma: Okay. Just put on WhatsApp and then send it. Please.

Akafumba: Okay I will send. Alright.

Ngoma: Good.

Efforts to get a comment from both Akafumba and Ngoma proved futile.

However, in response to some press queries, Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya issued a statement which attempted to address the issue without referring to the audio.

“The President’s focus, as per the mandate given to him by the Zambian people, is to translate and transform Zambia’s vast resource potential into real and tangible opportunities for all our people. This is why the President is currently in Dubai, to emphasize and support Zambia’s redevelopment agenda across the areas of mining, energy, agriculture among others, as well as exploring grand scale financing and partnership options for our local and international trade and investment agenda. The President also remains deeply committed to the enhancement of democracy at home, by pursuing a no interference policy when it comes to how the different arms of government carry out their designated roles,” stated Bwalya.