CHIEF Justice Dr Mumba Malila has urged newly sworn in members of the service commission to resist the temptation of avenging wrongs which might have happened in the past.

Speaking during a swearing in ceremony at the Lusaka High Court, Thursday, Justice Malila reminded the new service commissioners that the treatment of public service officers was a demonstration of their leadership character hence needed to be professional in their executing their duties.

“Ethics and honesty matter from the beginning of your tenure right to the very end of your leadership path in the various commissions to which you have been appointed. Resist the temptation to repeat or avenge wrongs that may have been made in the past. Break the cycle of vengeance and vendetta in the way you make your appointments, in the way you make your confirmations, the promotions, transfers and in the way you undertake discipline of the various staff that you will preside over,” he said.

“Remember that treatment and respect of public service officers over whom you will make decisions will be a demonstration of your leadership character. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will serve honestly and fairly and that you will make the Zambian people proud that in you, they have worthy representation.”

He expressed optimism that the new service commissioners would not abuse the trust vested in them.

“You should feel truly honoured that out of the millions of Zambians that qualify to hold these positions and are willing in fact to serve, the appointing authority has singled you out for appointment. Consider this as an endorsement of the faith and confidence that the Zambian people, acting through the appointing authority, being the President, have in you. Having publicly committed through the oath you have just taken to serve in the various positions with diligence, please bear in mind always that the public has from this moment onwards great expectations that you will do the right thing in your roles and that you will not abuse the trust that has been reposed in each one of you,” he said.

“The oath that you have taken is a statement of loyalty and commitment, it speaks to the values you have undertaken to employ in discharging your functions and the manner and attitude you have undertaken to do so. The public expects good service, it expects good decisions, fair decisions, good judgment and high standards in the discharge of your responsibilities. Moreover, in executing your functions, always remember that you are part of a working system of governance and therefore, that your decisions should be alined with the overall vision and policies of the government so that you complement, rather than impede the smooth operation of the government in as far as it implicates the part of the public sector over which you have oversight.”

And speaking shortly after being sworn in, Local Government commission vice chairman Brian Ndumba said the service would ensure there was prudent and corrupt free management.

“The Local Government service commission is the backbone performance of the country and so given the good will of the new dawn government by ensuring we are getting closer to full decentralisation, the new dawn government has demonstrated by sending money via CDF from K1.5 to K25.7. As the Local Government commission we are mindful that in the local authorities we need management that is prudent, management that is corrupt free and that which is letting people to ensure they plan for and implement activities that will see us scoring on time. When we do this, then we can uplift a lot of burden from the Central government,” said Ndumba.

Others appointed are Victor Nyasulu as a member of the Civil Service Commission, Felix Mushabati as member of the Judicial Service Commission and Maggie Kapihya as member of the Local Government Commission.