POLICE spokesperson Rae Hamoonga says at the moment, the police cannot arrest anyone for assaulting a Socialist Party sympathiser during campaigns in Kabwata because the victim did not return to present a medical report.

On Saturday, Socialist Party deputy general secretary Fred M’membe reported that suspected UPND cadres attacked his Kabwata candidate Trevor Ng’andu and injured some members of his campaign team while conducting campaigns in Kabwata constituency.

But in an interview, Hamoonga said police were waiting for the victim to present a certified medical form in order for investigations to continue.

“They reported then we gave them medical forms then they have not come back. So what do you want us to do? They reported that they were assaulted and [who] assaulted them, we do not know. We are waiting for them to bring the medical forms but they are all over shouting that they were beaten instead of bringing the medical reports. We are waiting for the medical forms so that we can arrest who you are alleging has injured you,” said Hamoonga.

“When you are assaulted, the procedure is that you report to the police and you are issued with a medical form then you go to a doctor who examines you. From there you come back with that medical form. If it means arresting, we arrest somebody but if the Doctor says ‘you have no injury’ then we will leave it like that. But if you get a medical report and you go and sit at home, what is going to happen? So they know the procedure. So let them bring the medical forms so that investigations can continue.”

Meanwhile, Kabwata constituency UPND aspiring candidate Andrew Tayengwa said the Socialist Party was just being dramatic and making baseless accusations.

“Some people like to dramatise things. Those guys from Socialist should understand that they are dramatists. I did not see any activity before the vice president arrived and even after they arrived. They were just running away from unknown fear. I am not aware of that. Those are just making baseless accusations. So there is no truth in what they are saying. I just saw some socialist supporters speeding and running away from unknown fear. I do not know any record of such an accident,” said Tayengwa.