15 pupils at Masala Secondary school have allegedly been gassed with an unknown substance.

In a statement, acting Copperbelt police commanding officer Tresphord Kasale said the incident happened on Friday and that three Juveniles had been arrested to help police with investigations on the matter.

“Administering an unknown substance with intent to harm. O.B no. 1226/ 22. Occurred on 25/02/22 at Masala Sec School Ndola. The reporter being Mr Enock Yumba the a teacher at Masala Secondary School of House No 13 Kampala road Northrise Ndola who reported that unknown poison was used to spray at pupils at the said school which has led to 15 pupils namely Penlope Mulila 14 yrs G 11, Mailesi Mushipi 15yrs G9, Gift Mwenge 18yrs G12, Temwani Banda 15yrs G12, Alice Mwiinga 16yrs G12, Comfort Mukelabayi 16yrs G12, Margaret Mutiti 17yrs G11, Renny Chanda Mwila 13yrs G9, Faith Nachilima 13yrs G9, Emma Sichilima, Bridget Namwiinga 17yrs , Rodah phiri 16yrs G11, Esther Musonda 17yrs G11, Ethiel Musonda 16yrs G11,and Natasha Phiri all school girls have been admitted to Ndola teaching Hospital and the condition is now stable. Docket opened and arrests made on Robby Numwa 16yrs , Andrew Miselo 16yrs and Moses Tembo 17yrs have been picked to help police with investigations , scene of crime visited and no substance poison or material has been picked from the scene,” said Kasale.

And Ndola district education board secretary DEBS Patrick Kaonga attributed the incident to some indisciplined pupils.

“It is a case of discipline, I think the school had taken disciplinary measures against some pupils, so it is those pupils who went into the community had hired thugs who came into the school yesterday. There were many who went with bars, stones and some gasses in a bottle. What was fortunate was that when they came into the school, they found that pupils were in the school whole, they were together with their teachers and I think there was an address by the headmaster. So that is how they went to the school and started attacking and then they threw the bottle of the acid inside and where it landed it exploded,” said Kaonga.

“Many pupils were affected, I was told that the breathing system, so they were quickly rushed to Masala Clinic there. When the health personnel assessed the situation, it was serious, that is how they were put into two ambulances. 14 were taken into Ndola Central and there they were resuscitated and as I speak now out of the 14 that were taken there only two remained there. Today this morning another one who did not go there, the situation in the morning became worse, so was rushed there. So there are three at the hospital now.”