FORMER PF Lusaka provincial chairperson Kennedy Kamba says there will be more problems in PF if the current leaders block any candidates from contesting for party leadership at the conference in June.

In an interview, Kamba said there were wrangles in the PF because the current leaders were not following the party constitution.

“What is leading to that is because of not following the constitution of the party. We were supposed to go to the general conference after we lost the election and the president has said he has retired from politics. So what are we waiting for? They said June, we are waiting for June, because the conference is going to bury all these differences. What we are expecting is the conference to go and elect the party leadership on free and fair elections. That is what we are expecting and to allow anyone who wants, to stand,” he said.

“We don’t want to be blocking people, those who are in the interim at the same time organising the conference, they shouldn’t be seen to be blocking those who are outside. Because doing that, it would lead to forming other political parties which we don’t want. So we allow democracy to take its course, we allow the conference to go ahead and the leadership or the party structures of the party, they choose who they feel is going to lead the party and all the wrangles will come to an end. Failure to that there will be problems in the party.”

When asked whether he would want to be reinstated as party provincial chairperson, Kamba said that decision could only be made by the central committee.

“We are going to see the decision they are going to make, the onus is on the leadership of the party. If they feel they should reinstate us, we are going to look at it, because there are so many issues we have considered as the provincial committee. We were dissolved because according to them we failed Lusaka Province, we lost Lusaka Province due to our leadership, according to them that is what they said. So we are mute on that one, if there are others who can spearhead the province, well and good. If they strongly feel that the decision they made was wrong, they want to reinstate us, we are going to look at that,” said Kamba.