THE Anti-Corruption Commission has described allegations levelled against it and its acting Director- General on social media as false and baseless.

Information has been circulating on social media to the effect that ACC acting director general Silumesi Muchula owns several high-end properties in Silverest area in Chongwe which are registered in other people’s names.

“Anti Corruption Commission Acting Director General Silumesi Muchula has been accused of running down the institution after he was named to be at the centre of a litany of corruption scandals. And information has emerged that Mr. Muchula owns several high end properties in Silverest area in Chongwe but registered in other people’s names. Impeccable sources within the Commission have appealed to President Hakainde Hichilema and soon to be ratified Director General Gilbert Phiri to save the integrity of the institution. In a leaked letter, the sources whose identities have been withheld accused Mr. Muchula of unprofessional conduct, abuse of office and aiding and abetting crimes involving some ACC officers,” read a post posted on one of the social media pages.

“It is alleged that Mr. Muchula is frustrating investigations into the disappearance of $8,000 exhibit money from the ACC Strong Room in the Pandor case because it involves Webster Munsanje, a close friend to Mr. Muchula.”

But in a statement, Monday, ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe dispelled the allegations, saying that they were meant to derail ACC’s invigorated fight against corruption.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission notes with concern some attacks circulating on Social Media, on the integrity of the Commission and its Officers in relation to the Commission’s discharge of its functions and Officers duties. The commission wishes to categorically state that the allegations leveled against the commission and the acting Director- General are false and baseless. The commission has observed that there is a group of individuals aiming at tarnishing the image of the commission and its officers so that they bring its public image into disrepute. The commission wishes to dispel these malicious allegations with the contempt they deserve as they are meant to derail the invigorated fight against corruption. The commission will not hesitate to take action against anyone found wanting in this regard,” said Chibwe.