ECONOMIC Front leader Wynter Kabimba says President Hakainde Hichilema carries his own chair from his home to State House everyday because he is scared of being bewitched.

Speaking during the official rebranding event of Rainbow Party to Economic Front Party, Sunday, Kabimba wondered why President Hichilema wanted to be Head of State if he was scared of witches.

“He said he would reduce commodity prices but he lied about everything. He is lining police officers from his private home from morning to 17:00 hours. He carries his own chair everyday from his home to State House because he is scared of being bewitched. Why do you want to be President if you are scared of witches?” Kabimba asked.

“The blood of those who died due to lack of drugs in hospitals, that blood is on Hakainde’s head. He lied that he was going to make the lives of Zambians better and not to kill Zambians. UPND cadres were fighting running battles with police at Intercity when he promised that under UPND, the police would be respected. They are still being disrespected, that is another lie. Everyone knows he is a liar. The one who bewitched HH that he should be lying died. If the one who bewitched him is alive, please come give him medicine because we are tired. A President should be a man of honour and integrity. My brother HH does not have these because he just wanted to go to State House.”

Kabimba said President Hichilema obtained State House by false pretenses because he lied about a lot of things.

“He lied that he would reunite the country. The people who accompanied him to Namwala are all Hamasaka, Hampengula but isn’t that tribalism? Why didn’t he go with any Lozi or Bemba? The man is a tribalist. All the appointments he has made, you will find if it is a woman, it is a Tonga married to a Zulu. That is what he has done,” Kabimba said.

“All the people with Tonga names who are ambassadors have not been recalled. Hakainde obtained State House by false pretences. This is a man who gave us a list of lies and nothing he said has come to pass as true. He said all youths would be employed but all youths are still in the streets. We have tried to ask him to apologise but he does not want to. He thinks he is too important to apologise to Zambians. We have told him to move into Nkwazi House, but the man says I cannot move because it is below my standard. If Nkwazi House is below his standard, what about you who stays in Chibolya, what does he think of you? He thinks you have no sense. You see the man by his action. Zambians must be clever sometimes, you vote anyhow.”

Kabimba said even Ministers were confessing in private that the President’s lies were too much.

“Even his own Ministers, when you meet them in private, they are confessing that the President’s lies are too much. HH has ruined this country beyond measure in seven months. He is elected by 2.8 million people and before he does anything for these people, he rewards the mining companies that they should not pay mining royalties. It is because he was in bed with the mining companies who gave him money for campaigns. So for him, money is more important than anything else. That is what a capitalist is. For Hakainde, profit is more important than a human being. He can even sell his child for profit if he had a buyer. He has ruined this country in seven months after promising Zambians that he was going to liberate them. Kaunda served this country for 27 years and he built schools and hospitals but he stayed in Nkwazi House. Then the boy comes and says I cannot live in Nkwazi House,” Kabimba said.

Meanwhile, Kabimba charged that the recruitment exercise would be marred by corruption, alleging that only those related to Ministers would be employed.

“Had it not been for Milingo Lungu saying he met HH, he would not have had this press briefing tomorrow [yesterday]. He is doing that to launder himself but no one will believe him because everyone knows he is a pathological liar. He says he is going to recruit health workers and teachers and you start singing that as a success story. What is successful about that programme, nothing. There is going to be so much corruption such that the only people that will be employed are those related to Hakainde’s Ministers. How are they going to arrive at a criterion? They can only do that through corruption and nepotism,” he charged.

Kabimba said the Economic Front would be an alternative party for Zambians in 2026.

“If this is the best cabinet for HH, then I do not know what his worst is. If this is his best, then I do not know what the worst is. So I am happy that the man won. In 2026, we shall tell him to go because the lies are too many. We will tell him to rest a bit so that he lies in the private sector. He has left us in shame. Zambia has been a member of IMF since 1965, it is not the first time the IMF is coming. Why are we still poor if the IMF is going to make us better? Why is unemployment still high?” asked Kabimba.

“So we want the Economic Front to be an alternative party. We are the only political party that is speaking the language of empowering Zambians and making them primary drivers of this economy. We are the only party that thinks Zambians are better than anybody else. HH gets free fuel and food so why should he care about Zambians? You have his supporters that say give him time. Can you postpone hunger? You cannot postpone hunger. The man does not feel the pinch of hunger. He has leftovers he gives dogs then he says tighten your belts. We tighten our belts when he loosens his as he is getting fatter.”