FORMER tourism and arts minister Ronald Chitotela says all those who served under former president Edgar Lungu should be ready to be summoned because everyone who served in his administration is a target.

On Wednesday last week, Chitotela was spotted at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) headquarters but Commission spokesperson Queen Chibwe said she had not yet received information on the matter.

In an interview, Chitotela said he escorted former gender minister Elizabeth Phiri who appeared before the Commission, and was on standby to sign sureties in case of arrests.

“We escorted her (Elizabeth Phiri). There was a possibility that there could be arrests and we were two members of parliament, we were made to stand by in case of anything to sign sureties. Maybe something is cooking up so you can tell me because I am not aware. I was just there with honourable Kampampi. I am getting concerned, maybe something is cooking up. You may be walking then you just get abducted without my knowledge,” said Chitotela.

“This world is funny so we need to be ready for anything. As long as we served under former president Lungu, all of us are targets. No one is an exception as honourable Given Lubinda has said. All of us are targets and no one is an exception. As long as you served in the previous government, you must be ready to be called and we shall answer. We are in Zambia and we have no any other country to run to.”