FORMER vice-president Inonge Wina says a leader in politics must not make enemies but must relate to other citizens in a manner that does not antagonise anybody.

In an interview, Wina said leaders were just elected to serve the people and the nation, after that, they became ordinary citizens.

“I think the life of honourable [Alexander] Chikwanda has been a demonstration of dedication to public service. When you are a leader in politics, do not make enemies because this job of politics is neither here nor there. We are just elected to serve our people, to serve the nation and after that, you become an ordinary citizen. And you should be able to relate to other citizens in a manner that does not antagonize anybody. So there are many lessons we can learn from the life of this man. And for me, I have collaborated with him throughout our adult life. So we come from that generation of service to the nation. So that is why really, we shall miss him. His counsel and his advice have always been very genuine,” said Wina.