ADMITTING a mistake does not symbolise defeat. It is not a sign of weakness when you admit a wrong. It’s a commitment that a wrongdoer makes towards enhancing trust and confidence from the people. When someone admits making a mistake, it shows that they were committed to doing the right things, and they regret their failure in achieving that. This is why when you make a mistake, the next step is to apologise.

Although an apology that comes after you have been confronted is less impactful, it is still a necessary virtue. Others may say an apology that comes after you have been caught lying or in the wrong act is not an apology per se, but the fact is that it still stands as important admission of guilt. Even though a person in such a situation only apologises because they have nothing else they could say or do to conceal their wrong or mistake, once an apology is offered, the burden of forgiveness shifts to the aggrieved.

We have reached a conclusion that the Patriotic Front is too stubborn to be in charge of government. This party and its leaders have no shame or remorse. They don’t care what people say about how they are governing and they don’t give a damn about the people’s complaints or concerns. As long as they are eating and they are happy, the rest is useless. This is why they don’t find it necessary to apologise when they are found wanting. They fear no one, not even the law.

Now, we are not saying the Patriotic Front should be perfect. In fact, no one should expect that there is a political party that will form government and run the affairs of a country without making mistakes. It’s simply impossible. In every political party, just like in a family, there will be unruly thugs with no clear life goals. And Politicians are not angels, so it is normal sometimes to err. Citizens are expected to understand that human beings are bound to make wrong decisions and pronouncements from time to time, regardless of the positions they hold. The problem comes when there is failure to acknowledge wrong actions.

We have been watching very closely how the Patriotic Front is treating the scandal involving their Eastern Province Youth Chairman, Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda. This is not a story that is difficult to verify. Police have confirmed it and in fact, they are on a manhunt for the culprit. But because the PF leadership fear no one, they have opted to say nothing about it. They have decided not to comment on the matter because they don’t care about the law. In our view, such a political party is not fit to be in charge of government.

What could be so difficult about apologising for a wrong act? Why does the PF consider an apology a sign of defeat or weakness? A few days ago, the Eastern Province PF chairman Andrew Lubusha gave an interview to our reporter where he said the party was eager to hear why Banda did what he did at the police. We published his remorseful statement under the headline: “PF apologises to Police IG”. What followed was condemnation from Mr Lubusha’s superiors in the party who were not so pleased with his apology. Indeed, he called our reporter to express concern about the headline, and he had to put our reporter on a conference call to prove to those who were questioning his apology that he didn’t mean it as it was reported.

Surely, how can such a political party claim that it detests violence when they are failing to condemn the actions of their own official? The Patriotic Front should not take Zambians for fools. Mr Davies Mwila cannot claim that he does not know about this scandal, and neither can he claim that it is so insignificant to warrant his involvement. Why is he pushing the Eastern Province Chairman to make a decision?

Last year when the same Jay Jay Banda conducted himself in a manner that the Provincial executive deemed to have tarnished the image of the party, Mr Lubusha took action against him. What happened? The President, through Davies Mwila himself, issued a directive to overturn the decision. It was not long afterwards that Jay Jay ascended in the party hierarchy.

So why is Mr Davies Mwila pushing the man whose actions he overturned last year to do the same action today? Why is he washing his hands on Lubusha? What does the Patriotic Front want Lubusha to do? Why can’t the President, who protected Jay Jay last year, decide what to do with him this time around? The ruling party knows that there is nothing that Mr Lubusha can do, and they are trying to use him as a pawn in their violent scheme.

Again, we say, this is taking Zambians for fools and the Patriotic Front must own up. This case against Jay Jay is not a party issue. What the people of Zambia expected from Mr Mwila and his President was a condemnation of the attack on the police and an apology. The rest is for the police to deal with. If Jay Jay is facing aggravated robbery charges, he must surrender himself to the police and allow justice to take its course. If he is innocent, the courts will free him.

Mr Mwila’s stance on this matter is even more embarrassing than Jay Jay’s actions. The Patriotic Front should never be heard condemning any act of violence until they first condemn what their official did at the police.