In this audio, Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga explains the high speed chase that left a street vendor dead in Ndola, earlier today.

Explaining the ordeal to journalists, Katanga said a car washer stole a vehicle and sped off, thereby causing death by dangerous driving following a police pursuit.

“There was a riot between 11:00 hours and 13:00 hours as a result of a motorist running over a boy aged between 10 and 15 years old. What happened is that a car washer accompanied by another car washer decided to steal a vehicle that was entrusted to them and sped off. Due to excessive speeding, he failed to negotiate a curve and hit into the boy. So the traffic police who were nearby tried to take the body to the mortuary but the residents ran amok and that’s how the riot started,” Katanga explained.

“The car washer who was in the company of the driver has been detained by the police; he was driving a vehicle registration number ACP 3927 Nissan Elgrand. The name of the car washer is Benson Ngongo 23, of KCS1 Chimbotela section in Chipulukusu. The police are looking for the fellow car washer identified as Mike who stole the vehicle.”

She added that the owner of the car noticed that strange people were speeding away with a car which he had asked the wife to take for cleaning.

“It was a stolen vehicle and you will agree with me that people who steal motor vehicles drive very dangerously. The wife is the owner who was sent to go and have the car washed, so the owner of the car just saw his vehicle being driven by strange people at a fast speed,” said Katanga.

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