PARASTATAL bodies and other Statutory Institutions owe NAPSA and ZRA over 1.2 billion kwacha, says the Auditor General.

In a statement released today, Office of the Auditor General public relations head Ellen Chikale stated that there was poor financial and operational performance in audited entities for the year ended December 31, 2016.

“The report has highlighted non-remittance of statutory contributions to NAPSA and ZRA of K1, 219, 671, 599 as the highest irregularity in the period under review,” Chikale stated.

“Non-remittance of statutory contributions deprives government of the revenues and consequently may disadvantage the employee of his benefits at the time of termination of their service.”

Chikale also stated that the audit had also revealed questionable payments among other irregularities.

“The report also revealed questionable payments of K23, 733, 573 as second highest irregularity followed by unaccounted for stores of K20, 245, 512. Unsupported payment also featured at K5, 557, 547 while failure to recover loans was at K4, 394, 978,” she stated.

Chikale noted that 27 institutions had not produced audited financial statements for the financial year ended December 31, 2016 contrary to their enabling acts and the tenents of good corporate governance.

And Chikale listed failure to have boards in place as some of the other issues raised in the report.

“Institutions such as the Chambeshi and Southern Water and Sewerage Companies and ZAWA had no boards during the time of audit. In addition, water utility companies (Chambeshi, Lukanga, and Southern Water Companies) had performed poorly on most of the indictors of their service delivery,” she stated.

Chikale also listed weaknesses of the National Housing Authority in the recruitment and removal of the CEO as another issue which was discovered.

“There were weaknesses in the recruitment and removal of the CEO and consequently the irregularly paid salaries in advance. The institution had poor financial performance, poor management of properties and a questionable going concern status,” she stated.

“Mulungushi Village Complex questionably declared dividends based on the profit that arose as a result of revaluation gain on investment properties and income tax recovery. It had been failing to collect rentals from Government Institutions, had questionably appointed its Operations Manager as well as failed to settle its internal frozen benefits, and also failed to rehabilitate and maintain its investment properties.”

Chikale further disclosed that some Parastatal properties had no title deeds.

“The properties for the water utility companies, properties for Kwame Nkrumah University (the main and east compasses), properties for ZRA in various towns valued at K15,170,900 properties for ZAFFICO (48,800 hectares of plantation and 109 other properties) properties for TAZARA valued at K343,003,964 all did not have tittle deeds,” stated Chikale.