Economist Dr Lubinda Haabazoka says Zambia’s income taxes are too high for a country that calls itself pro poor.

In a statement yesterday, Dr Haabazoka, who is also a lecturer, asked government to feel for the workers who had too many responsibilities.

“Our income taxes are too high for a country that calls itself pro poor!!! The 2011 revolution was based on “More money in the pocket through lower taxes”!!! This government has increased MMD taxes from 35% for the highest tax band to 37.5%!!! Please feel for us the workers!!! Our taxes are too high!!! When government taxes companies, they go for net profit meaning they would have removed expenses. But when you tax individuals, you don’t care if we have an extended family, paying highly through school fees, had a bereavement in the family etc,” Dr Haabazoka stated.

He stated that government could still collect enough revenue if PAYE was at 15 per cent.

“If we want to develop, our PAYE should drop to 15% like in Mauritius!!! Why is it that the Mauritian government is able to meet its obligations before its citizens even better than our government but still collects only 15% tax? Mind you Mauritius has no Copper or wild life. They even import things like beef because they don’t have enough land for cattle. But they still do better than us!!!! Let us cut down tenders and reduce taxes!!!! Taxes must fall!!!!! Why are we so mean to each other??? If you think my pleas are unattainable, I can sit down with you and show you where we can tap revenue and also reduce government waste so as to accommodate 15% PAYE!!!!
Happy independence fellow citizens!” stated Dr Haabazoka.