President Edgar Lungu should be vigilant enough to know that some of his civil servants are making his government fail to respond to the cries of the people, says Sinda politician Thaulo Banda.

In an interview, Banda cautioned the Head of State to be alert because some civil servants are frustrating government’s ability to deliver on its promises.

Banda cited the continued failure of the electronic voucher system, which has not been working for farmers in the area.

He explained that farmers in Sinda were angry and lamented the manner in which they have been treated by government through the Ministry of Agriculture under the e-voucher programme.

Banda, who contested the Ching’ombe ward election on the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) ticket in 2016, wondered why government was still persisting on maintaining the e-voucher when it had failed to work.

“Here in villages we can’t say much but in our hearts, we have a lot to do action-wise. In this, case let the President be careful because the people he employs are not doing a good job for the government, and as the result, the blame goes to the government. So, he has to check and take action on the complaints of the people who elected him,” Banda said.

“Without beating about the bush, PF has failed in this district, Sinda! I am talking of agriculture because we are using the e-voucher system, which has totally failed, but unfortunately, government can’t reason that the programme is not ideal for the people. Imagine, up to now we don’t have Urea fertilizer and others even D Compound, they don’t have it. Where are we going with this government?”

He explained that the old system of input delivery worked better for farmers.

“The old system is doing good and better in other districts that is why you don’t hear complaints from them. Now farmers are not happy with PF government and let it not wonder if tables turn upside down in the years to come,” observed Banda.