Global Air Media, a company specialised in drones, have announced their intention to set up a drones courier business in Zambia to ease the delivery of goods.

US investor, Uno Umoh, who is co-founder of Global Air Media that is specialised in the drone business, said his company intended to set up a drones supply and service provision business in Zambia to ease the delivery of goods.

“I know that sometimes there a lot of natural occurrences here in the rainy season that affects the roads. So, when you are able to use drones that can travel long distances faster, that would help extensively in delivering goods. We have seen neighbouring countries like Rwanda use drones for blood transfusions. So, for instance, if you are a clinic, all you need is to send an SMS to the blood bank and within few minutes you can have the blood that you need for your patients!” Umoh revealed in an interview on the side-lines of a cocktail reception in honour of a visiting American business delegation at the U.S. Embassy in Lusaka, Tuesday.

“We want to explore investment opportunities in so many sectors in Zambia that include the mining, agriculture and the health sector. Very soon, we’ll start setting up the drones; we are meeting with our partners at the Civil Aviation Authority and other people from the private sector that have already explored the use of drones, but what will really help is the regulations. So we are hoping that the regulations are passed so we can have a license that can operate in Zambia safely and officially.”

During the cocktail event, U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote told stakeholders that in order for local businesses to grow and thrive in the country, there was need for predictable economic policies.

The US Envoy noted that while the country remained stable, there was still much work to be done to attract large, divergent sources of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).