A Mansa based Tax Expert Emmanuel Musanje has called on President Edgar Lungu to fire Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo for misleading him into reversing the mealie meal export ban.

Musanje said Katambo had not been giving President Lungu accurate information.

“I think the President should be advised to reshuffle because this inconsistency is very embarrassing in a short time,” Musanje said, in reaction to President Lungu’s decision to reinstate the ban barely two months after Katambo lifted it.

Musanje said reshuffles would make ministers take their policy making roles seriously.

He said after government’s decision to reverse the mealie meal export ban, there was a practical economic loss for investors and entrepreneurs.

He said there could be a legal implication against government as investors could sue for the loss incurred due the reversal of the ban.

“There can be legal implications where someone can sue to say you misguided me you were negligent and as such I pumped in the money and I get the loss, such could be legally compensated” Musanje said.

He explained that government was negligent and should compensate the entrepreneurs who invested thinking they would get a return before the policy changed.

“I think it is prudent that those who invested should seek legal recourse to recover what they could have gained because if they are just left like that it spells not only for them some kind of challenges but even there workers will not be paid and that would mean a lot of people in the private sector would lose employment”, said Musanje.

“Supposing under this period of loss of business the maize had already crossed there, literally that entrepreneur has nothing to do because it is law now that don’t export and prudently there should be compensation. Because there is a head of a department in every sector, in this case the minister of agriculture with his technocrats sat and I perceive that they consulted but then mislead the president, mislead the whole nation and mislead the entrepreneurs who pumped in their money, that is negligence and he should either be fired or reshuffled”.