MINES Minister Paul Kabuswe says only jobs which can never be done by Zambians should be offered to foreign companies because government’s policy is to empower citizens.

Last month, Kansanshi Mining in Solwezi awarded a contract to a South African cleaning company, Mr Clean, to provide laundry services to miners.

But in an interview, Friday, Kabuswe said jobs that could be done by Zambians should not be imported.

“I’m aware of that story, but those are labour matters, otherwise our officers are engaging them. Of course, our policy of this government is that things that must be done by Zambians should be done by Zambians. We can’t import jobs that can be done by Zambians, that cannot happen and that’s my feeling as minister. If it can be done by Zambians or Zambian companies there is no point in importing such jobs,” he said.

“The policy of this government is empowerment of Zambians and only doing jobs or works that can never be done by Zambians, meaning they have certain expert requirements, then those we can get from outside. Those that should be done by Zambians must be given to Zambians, that’s the position.”

And commenting on the same matter in a separate interview, Labour and Social Security Minister Brenda Tambatamba said she was not in a position to give a detailed response as the issue had not yet been brought to her attention.

“We will take labour issues. This is a matter that is a contractual matter and those contractual matters I’m sure you would know they belong to the industry that supervises contractual issues. I would like to refer to the matter, get to understand it and then we can have a conversation. It has not been brought to my attention, no one has brought a grievance to us. So I would like to have a study of the matter and give a more responsible response,” said Tambatamba.