The Lusaka High Court is this Thursday April 6 scheduled to hear an application by Law Association of Zambia to join proceedings in the Post liquidation case.

In this matter, five former Post Newspaper Limited employees and ZRA are seeking to liquidate the company and judge Sunday Nkonde, who is presiding over the matter, appointed lawyer Lewis Mosho as provisional liquidator.

Last month, LAZ president Linda Kasonde stated in an affidavit that supported summons for an order to join proceedings, that the matter had generated significant media attention and interest in the general public.

Kasonde explained that the decision by LAZ to apply for a joinder followed issues surrounding judge Nkonde’s objectivity and independence which might affect the administration of justice as the case advances.

She submitted that LAZ was a major stakeholder in administration of justice and that it had sufficient interest in the hearing and determination of this matter.

Kasonde further stated that if LAZ was joined to the proceedings, the court would be greatly assisted through the associations’ submissions adding that the petitioners and respondents would not be prejudiced in any way but that justice would be achieved.