High Court judge Sunday Nkonde has thrown out an application by the Law Association of Zambia to join Post Newspaper liquidation case, describing the application as lacking merit.

Judge Nkonde in his ruling said the application by LAZ to join proceedings as amicus curiae might just delay the disposal of the proceedings to the prejudice of the parties.

He said the nature of the proceedings required the disposal of the matter expeditiously.

Judge Nkonde also explained that the lawyers representing Post Newspapers were learned counsels with many years of experience at the bar and therefore they were very competent to represent without assistance from LAZ.

Judge Nkonde said LAZ must at all times endeavor to let its members engage in adversarial advocacy independently.

“LAZ needs no reminder that is should be in the forefront of educating the public that courts have mechanisms established over a long period of time for correcting errors, imperfections and misapplication of the law in proceedings through applications, appeals etc by aggrieved parties,” said judge Nkonde.

“These mechanisms if undermined quickly eat up the very fabric of the rule of law as an important component of a democratic society. The inevitable consequence is that anarchy wins.”

Judge Nkonde however said he found the context of the response in the affidavit in opposition as at times very personal and unnecessary.