Gembank company limited has sued the once outspoken civil rights activist Brebner Changala for breach of contract over the transfer of some small scale mining licenses.

Gembank director Diego Casili who has also sued Changala’s chalk-making company is demanding for damages for breach of contract and a sum of k224,333.00.

He is also seeking an order compelling Changala to pay back US$30,000.00 which he borrowed.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka high court, Casili says after he entered into an agreement for the transfer of small-scale mining licenses Changala has failed to meet the obligations under the contract.

He says after Changala also entered into an agreement of consultancy services with Gembank to ensure that the transfer of the mining licenses were done expeditiously in a period not exceeding two years, he failed to do so.

Casili said Changala failed to bargain as per contract despite being paid k224,333.00.

He says whilst the negotiations were on, Changala further borrowed USD 30,000.00 as a loan, guaranteed by a farm as mortgage.

“Despite being paid all that money the defendants have failed, ignored or neglected to make good use of the bargain despite several reminders,”read part of the statement of claim.

Casili submitted that Changala had been elusive, hence the decision to commence the court process.