A Lusaka lawyer has sued 198 retirees and retrenchees in the Lusaka High Court demanding K9,850,000 in legal fees.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Rabson Malipenga asked the court to order the retirees, who are members of the Voluntary Separatees and Retrenchees Association of Zambia, to pay him K50,000 each for legal representation should they fail to collectively pay him.

He stated that since the retirees retained PnP advocates to represent them, it had proved futile to collect legal fees.

Malipenga said he had suffered losses and was being inconvenienced as the retirees were not of fixed abode and it was extremely difficult to recover his money.

Malipenga further submitted that the association had 3,523 members whom he represented but efforts to collect money from their new advocates PnP had equally proved futile.

The lawyer had an undertaking to deduct legal fees through the association before paying out any amounts due to the retirees every time government paid them.