A police officer with 15 years experience yesterday failed to cite any law which states that moving with glycerin and a knife is an offense as he claimed in his testimony.

This is in a matter in which Remmy Mukoba and three are facing two charges of being in possession of offensive weapons.

The accused allegedly had in their possession one plastic bottle of glycerin,two plastic bottles of potassium pamanganette, a bow and three arrows.

Inspector Edward Kapunda during cross examination lead by lawyer Zevyanji Sinkala said it is an offence to move with the said items as a motor vehicle was a public place.

Kapunda however stated that it was not illegal to own the said items.

But when challenged to cite an authority which states that it is an offense to move with the items in question, the inspector failed to cite the law.

Kapunda however stated that it was an offence to move with a knife according to section 85 of the penal code which talks about being in possession of offensive weapons.

And Kapunda admitted that he had not produced any documentary evidence to show that the knife and glycerin belongs to Mukoba despite having searched a vehicle which belonged to his wife.

Previously a correctional officer, Matongo Mwendabai, who was manning the main camp gate of the Lusaka Central Prison said the items found on the UPND supporters were not offensive weapons.

Trial continues