Solicitor General Abram Mwansa has opposed the joining of the Head of State to his 2021 eligibility case saying he enjoys immunity.

This is in a matter in which four opposition leaders want the ConCourt to determine whether or not President Edgar Lungu qualifies to re-contest in 2021.

The UPND has asked the ConCourt to join President Lungu to case as the matter had nothing to do with his executive functions and its outcome would directly affect him.

But the Solicitor General strongly objected to the application urging the court to dismiss it as the President could not be compelled to come to court.

The lawyer representing PF Secretary General Davies Mwila also opposed to the application to have him joined to the case.

However, UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka, through his lawyers, insisted that President Lungu and Mwila should be joined to the petition as the two had publicly declared that President Lungu was eligible to contest the 2021 general elections despite having already served two terms.

After hearing submissions from both parties, ConCourt judge Professor Margaret Munalula reserved ruling to August 15, 2017 on whether or not President Edgar Lungu will be joined to the 2021 presidential eligibility case.