Beatrice Hangwende has sued her ex husband Jonathan Mwala in the Lusaka High Court for selling a piece of land she had reserved as her children’s inheritance without her consent.

In a statement of claim today, Hangwende, who is currently incarcerated at Lusaka Central Prison for murdering Mwala’s lover Monica Phiri in 2007, jointly sued her ex husband with Pinalo Chifwankeni who bought the said piece of land.

“The Plaintiff will aver that she and the 1st Defendant held the property jointly even though the Plaintiff purchased the property with her own money. The Plaintiff will aver that she got information that the 1st Defendant wanted to sell off the property from a family friend. The Plaintiff will aver that it has been proved that the 1st Defendant indeed sold property and the person who bought was even constructing on the property in issue,” Hangwende stated.

“The Plaintiff will further aver that the 1st Defendant sold the property without the knowledge and consent of the Plaintiff despite them owning the property jointly. The Plaintiff will aver that she placed a caveat on the property to prevent the 1st Defendant from selling it.”

She stated that Mwala took advantage of her incarceration and illegally sold off the land.

“The Plaintiff will further aver that the 1st Defendant has unjustly enriched himself from the proceeds of the sale at the property. The Plaintiff will aver that the property was meant for her children’s benefit and inheritance,” stated Hangwende through lawyers from Messrs Levy Mwanawasa and Company.

She now wants the court to reverse the sale of the land and deem it null and void.

Hangwende also wants the court to cancel transfer of ownership and restrain further constructions on the said property.

She is also seeking an order restraining Mwala from further selling off property and any other pieces of land attached on the said piece of land, general and specific damages.