Some beneficiaries of a Land Empowerment Programme mooted by government have asked the Lusaka High Court to grant them an injunction restraining the National Institute for Science and Industrial Research from interfering with their enjoyment of plots allocated to them.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Barton Kaombe and 305 others stated that NISIR had been frequenting the said land belonging to the plaintiffs claiming that it had been allocated some Russians so that they could set up a Nuclear plant.

Kaombe stated that the Defandant’s intentions were not noble as they were calculated to deprive them of land which the Chongwe Municipal council had allocated to them.

He avered that the beneficiaries had started developing the same plots after Lusaka province permanent secretary, Chongwe district commissioner and town clerk approved the said land.

The petitioners are seeking an order directing NISIR to surrender certificate of title for farm number L/638/M.

They also want an order further directing the commissioner of lands to cancel the said certificate of title to enable the plaintiffs acquire offers pursuant to the land empowerment programme.