The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has jailed a 24-year-old-man to six years imprisonment for robbery.

Facts are that Stanely Chola of Lusaka’s Kalikiliki compound on September 5, 2017 stole K1,400 from Uwingeneye Claudine.

On the said date, Chola went to Claudine’s Bonanza Gambling Shop in Mtendere compound around 20:00 hours played a few games and won K400 with his friends.

He bet the money on another game but lost it all and accused Claudine of being a thief who was using faulty bonanza machines.

He demanded K40, but Claudine told him that she did not have.

The convict further demanded to be given K20 but the victim refused to give him.

Chola got incensed, went to the counter, beat up Claudine, and went away with her hand bag which contained K1,400, a Bible and clothes.

According to facts before court, Chola also stole K1,000 and a voka form valued at K350 from Juston Phiri.

Phiri could not fight back because Chola is huge but once he arrived at home, he narrated his ordeal to his parents and the matter was reported to Kalikiliki police post.

In mitigation, Chola asked for the court’s leniency on account that he was renting a two bedroomed house and no one would take care of his wife and children.

But in her judgement, magistrate Silvia Munyinya slapped Chola with a six year jail term in each count to run concurrently.

She said the sentence was to deter other would be offenders.