Chingangu gets 18 months for theft, assault

Joseph Chingangu is escorted to the police truck 'Kasalanga' shortly after appearing at Lusaka's Magestrates court for house breaking -picture by Tenson Mkhala

Lusaka resident Magistrate Felix Kaoma has expressed displeasure that a once-proclaimed heavy weight boxing champion, Joseph Chingangu, has turned out to be a ‘common petty thief’.

And Magistrate Kaoma sentenced Chingangu to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour for theft from a motor vehicle and assault charges.

In this matter, it was alleged in count one that Chingangu on May 7, 2018, in Lusaka District did steal two suitcases containing clothes altogether valued at K1,440 from a motor vehicle namely Toyota Noah registration number ABX 8294, property of Majory Mvula.

And in count two, it was alleged that on the material day of May 7, 2018, Chingangu did assault Ken Ngosa, thereby, occasioning him actual bodily harm.

And when the matter came up for judgement, Monday, Chingangu, in mitigation asked for leniency and forgiveness, saying he was looking after his six children and a wife who had suffered a stroke.

He further told the court that he was currently training young boxers whose careers depended on him.

“I have students I’m currently training, if I’m sent to prison it will be difficult for them. I have six children whom I’m providing for and also a wife who has stroke. I’m the one who takes her for physiotherapy so when I’m sent to prison, her movements will be difficult,” Chingangu pleaded.

But Magistrate Kaoma sentenced Chingangu to 18 months with hard labour, saying the court would be failing in its duties if they did not mete out stiff punishment to deter would-be offenders.

He said the court could not exercise leniency because Chingangu was last year imprisoned for six months on similar charges.

“I have considered your mitigation and it suffices to say that, the leniency to be exercised in this matter is very minimal owing to the fact that, the now convict had been convicted for a similar matter,” he said.

And Magistrate Kaoma expressed disappointment that a once-known legend could turn out to be a ‘common petty thief’.

“It’s unfortunate that a man who was once a known legend in Zambia has turned out to be a common petty thief! It’s very unfortunate. The court will be failing if we do not mete out stiff punishment to deter would-be offenders,” said Magistrate Kaoma.

“I sentence you to 18 months in count one with hard labour with effect from the date of conviction. In count two, I sentence you to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour. The two sentences will run concurrently.”

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