A former Copperbelt University lecturer has sued the institution in the Lusaka High Court, claiming that they had neglected to pay him over K100,000 gratuity, as well as K172,678 accrued salaries, after he resigned.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Dr Festus Mushabati cited the Council of the Copperbelt University.

He stated that his employment was governed by a signed collective agreement between the Council and the Copperbelt Academics Union (CBUAU).

Dr Mushabati stated that he resigned at his own instance, giving the institution three months notice after which his resignation was approved.

He stated that on October 20 last year, he computed his terminal benefits due and payable to him in the sum of K162,602, which was to be paid on his last working day.

Dr Mushabati disclosed that the institution had up to-date failed to pay him his full terminal benefits from October 20, 2017, despite repeated reminders and had also removed him from the payroll.

“On October, 20 last year, I computed my terminal benefits due and payable to me in the sum of K162,602.52, which was to be paid on my last working day. Failure to which, the institution was to keep me on the payroll until the terminal benefits were paid to me in accordance to Article 189 of the Constitution. The institution has up to now not paid me my full terminal benefits from October 20, 2017, to-date despite repeated reminders to do so. I have also been removed from the payroll,” Dr Mushabati lamented.

He stated that on August 30, he was paid K50,000 out of the K162,602.52, leaving a balance of K112,602.52.

Dr Mushabati stated that the payment was made following a demand letter sent by his advocates.

He stated that as at August 30, the institution owed him salary arrears amounting to K172,678.82, which accumulated for the past 10 months from November, 2017, to August, 2018, and continued to accrue.

Dr Mushabati lamented that he had suffered loss and damage, and that the institution had no defence to his claims.

He now claims for an order of payment of K112,602.52 being unpaid gratuity, K172,678. 82 accrued salaries, as well as, interest on the amounts, costs and any other relief that the court may deem fit.