Former Times of Zambia news editor Anthony Mulowa has sued the newspaper in the Lusaka High Court claiming over K500,000 gratuity and leave days, as well as, interest, costs and any other reliefs.

Mulowa, who is currently working for the Road Development Agency (RDA) as deputy communications director, is claiming for payment of gratuity, service package, leave commutation, service bonus and repatriation benefits under the first contract amounting to K367,744.33.

He is further claiming for payment of gratuity, leave commutation and repatriation benefits under the second contract amounting to K219,661.69.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Mulowa stated that on October 18, 2002, he entered into an agreement with Times of Zambia where they employed him on a permanent and pensionable basis.

He stated that on August 11, 2014, the company promoted him to the position of news editor under a contract of three years and the effect was that he ceased to be on permanent and pensionable basis.

Mulowa further stated that at the time of the promotion, the company owed him K367,744 for gratuity, service package, leave commutation, and service bonus and repatriation benefits.

He stated that on August 10, 2017, his contract expired and that the terms as provided in his contract of employment was that he was entitled to the benefits that accrued to him by virtue of completing the contract.

Mulowa stated that contrary to the agreed terms, the company did not pay him benefits amounting to K219,661.69 under the second separation package and that the company owed him K587,406.2 altogether.

He stated that despite several reminders and notices served on Times of Zambia to clear the outstanding amount, the company had chosen to ignore him.

“The company owes the plaintiff a total of K587,406.2 as benefits under the first and second separation package, the plaintiff demand for his money has proved futile as the defendant has chosen to ignore his claims and the demand notice served on them,” read the statement of claim.