A PF member has sued party Secretary General Davies Mwila and Kafue District chairman Kestus Simukanzye in the Lusaka High Court seeking damages and a declaration that the election of the latter as executive chairman was illegal, null and void.

Keith Mwewa, who previously served as Kafue District Executive Youth Chairman for 17 years and contested for the position of District Chairman, is also seeking an order of injunction restraining Simukanzye from posing as chairman or presiding over any meeting, costs and any other reliefs.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Monday, Mwewa stated that early this year, Mwila called a stakeholder’s meeting at Chongwe Secondary School where he announced that the party would be holding intra-party elections and gave guidelines on how they would be conducted.

He stated that Mwila set August 11, 2018 as the date for the Kafue District and Constituency elections.

“It was in public domain that prior to the said elections, they were campaign camps. In the Kafue case there was what was called the ‘Gibson Sinkala Camp’ and ‘Dennis Kaeza Camp’, wherein Mwewa was perceived and actually aligned to the ‘Gibson Sinkala Camp’, whereas Simukanzye was associated to the ‘Dennis Kaeza Camp’,” read the statement of claim.

Mwewa stated that the position of Kafue Constituency Executive Chairman was won by Gibson Sinkala.

“Among other contestants ‘Gibson Sinkala’ competed with ‘Dennis Kaeza’, which position was won by Gibson Sinkala. Majory Kasanda competed with Lillian Chilufya for the position of Chairlady , which position was scooped by Lillian of the ‘Sinkala Camp’. Cecilia Phiri competed for the position of Vice Women Chairlady against Linah Daka whereby Linah who belonged to the ‘Sinkala Camp’ won the said election. Finally Mary Nampungwe who belonged to the ‘Dennis Kaeza Camp’ lost as Women Secretary to Norah Mwasile of ‘Sinkala Camp’,” read the statement of claim further.

Mwewa alleged that as the conclusion of the Constituency elections, the returning officer without any just cause allowed the four losing candidates at Constituency level, to contest for various positions at District level when the nomination had closed at the time.

He stated that even if the said nominations were validated, the four could only be allowed to contest the various positions but had no right to cast the vote at District elections because they did not form part of the electoral college having lost at Constituency level.

Mwewa added that they were however, allowed to cast their votes.

He stated that it was common knowledge that the four, having belonged to the Dennis Kaeza Camp, did not vote for him and ultimately influenced the out-come of the results of the Kafue District PF Chairmanship where Simukanzye polled 52 votes against Mwewa’s 50 votes.

Mwewa contended that legally, if the four were not allowed to cast their votes, he should have polled 50 votes whereas Simukanzye should have polled 48 votes.

He stated that the entire District elections was legally flawed.

Mwewa disclosed that on August 11, he petitioned the said election to Mwila through elections committee but to this date, the said elections committee had failed, refused or neglected to preside over the said petition, which had prejudiced him.