A 38-year-old man of George Compound who is alleged to have had carnal knowledge of his seven-year-old son against the order of nature, has told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that there’s no way he can sleep with his child with so many women in the area.

But a police officer has testified that he found sores on the seven-year-old’s private parts after being told that he was a victim of sodomy.

In this matter, Victor Mukuka is charged with one count of unnatural offence, a charge which he denied before magistrate Nsunge Chanda last year.

Particulars of the offence are that Mukuka, on dates unknown but between January and May 10, 2018, Lusaka, had unlawful carnal knowledge of his seven-year-old son against the order of nature.

When the matter came up for continuation of trial, Tuesday, inspector Micheal Kasanga, 45, of Matero Police Station under Child Protection Unit, told the court that on May 10, 2017, he was on duty when he received a report from a concerned citizen, who reported the alleged sodomy on behalf of the juvenile.

He said he issued a medical report and the child was referred to UTH and then to Social Welfare for counseling.

Kasanga said when the accused was apprehended, he denied the offence but was charged with the subject offence after the child insisted that his father used to sodomise him.

“On May 12, 2017, Victor Mukuka was apprehended at George police and was later transferred to Matero Police where I recorded a warn and caution statement from him. I charged him with the offence which he denied committing. But since the child insisted that his father is the one who allegedly sodomised him, I made up my mind and charged him for the subject offence,” he said.

Kasanga said when the police checked the child, they discovered sores on his private parts.

“When we checked the child, he had sores on his private parts. After I interviewed the child, he said the father used to have anal sex with him. He said that happened many times. The child mentioned that they used to live just the two of them with the father,” he said.

The officer said he later learnt that Victor’s wife had left him and after the couple divorced, she left the boy in his care.

He added that the child was currently at an orphanage.

In cross examination, Victor asked the officer for proof that he was the one sleeping with the boy.

In response, Kasanga said it was because the child had insisted that it was the father who used to have anal sex with him.

The accused, however, claimed that other people were influencing his child to lie adding that they might have even bought biscuits for him.

He added that there was no way he could sleep with his own son with so many women in the area.

“Big people are the ones telling the boy to say what he said. They might have even bought biscuits for him. With a lot of women in the compound, how can I sleep with my son?” Victor asked.

Magistrate Chanda, however, guided him to ask relevant questions only.

Victor then asked “Did they examine me at the hospital for you to prove that the sperms (on the boy) were mine?”

In response, and the witness said the doctor would come and explain.

Trial continues January 17, and the accused remains remanded in custody.