Ghirardi Milling has dragged Nkhosi Milling Limited, a company engaged in manufacturing Chibuku Shake Shake, to court for failing to pay a balance of over K300,000.

In this matter, Ghirardi Milling (2002) Limited is demanding payment of K328,615 plus interest as well as costs and any other relief the court may deem fit.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Monday, Ghirardi Milling stated that it was a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of maize meal, among other businesses.

It added that the defendant, Nkhosi Milling, was engaged in the manufacture of opaque beer and had for a period in excess of two years been procuring maize meal from the Ghirardi Milling as a raw material for the production of the beer.

Ghirardi Milling stated that Nkhosi Milling now had an outstanding balance on account amounting to K328,615 owing to its failure to service its account with the plaintiff.

It added that the defendant had failed to settle the said balance despite numerous reminders.

“The defendant has despite numerous and repeated reminders failed and neglected to settle the outstanding amount. The defendant had on its own made several proposals on settlement, but had honoured none. As a result of the defendant’s failure to pay [the balance] the plaintiff has suffered loss,” read the statement of claim.